Discover the Next Generation: Introducing the iPhone 15 Series

We already know that the iPhone 15 series is due for a September reveal, as per Apple’s typical calendar. And rumours are bubbling up ahead of its launch.

One such rumour claims that Apple is switching to a new chip in the OLED display driver that’s more power efficient. This could help sips battery life in a big way.

Telephoto lens

Apple is rumored to add a new telephoto lens that will offer up to 5-6x optical zoom. The new lens will use a periscope technology that uses prisms and mirrors to bend light and increase the range of the camera. It’s a great way to get close-up shots without losing image quality. Optical zoom is much better than digital zoom, which blurs images as you zoom in.

However, the periscope lens takes up more space. According to tipster Unknownz21 (who tweets under the @URedditor handle), Apple will redesign the triple-rear camera setup to accommodate the new lens. The ultrawide camera will move to the top of the camera array, and the telephoto sensor will take its place between the flash and the LiDAR scanner.

This upgrade would improve the iPhone’s low-light photography performance, which is already pretty good compared to other flagship smartphones. Apple is also expected to upgrade the primary camera in 2023 by using a new Sony imaging sensor that’s capable of capturing more light and double the saturation signal for each pixel. This would lead to even better selfies and videos. This is one of the best upgrades that we can expect from Apple in the upcoming iPhone 15. Other improvements include a titanium middle frame, an A17 bionic chip, and a new LiDAR scanner.

Battery capacity

The iPhone 15 series is expected to feature impressive battery life. This is largely due to TSMC’s 3nm chips, which use up to 35 percent less power than the 5nm chips used in previous iPhones. The chips will also be more efficient than their predecessors, which means that they can handle more power-hungry components, including the display and 5G modem. According to Economic Daily News, the new chips will even include a more energy-efficient OLED display driver chip.

The Pro models of the iPhone 15 are also expected to get a bump up to 8GB of RAM from their current 6GB. This won’t have a significant impact on battery life, but it will allow users to run multiple apps simultaneously for longer.

Additionally, the Pro models will reportedly support 15W wireless charging. This is a big upgrade from the current 7.5W wireless charging speed offered on open wireless chargers. The Pro models may also get a more efficient LiDAR sensor, which could also boost the phone’s battery life. Finally, the Pro models might finally get a USB-C port. This will allow them to take advantage of Thunderbolt 3 data transfer speeds that can reach 40Gbps. This will make the phones much more useful for creative professionals. In addition, the port will allow them to connect external monitors for easier editing of video content.

Improved battery efficiency

The iPhone 15 is rumored to have better battery life thanks to new tech that’s supposedly in the works. The report from Economic Daily News out of Taiwan notes that Apple’s suppliers are reportedly upgrading their production lines for the OLED display driver chip, which is the piece of silicon that controls your screen on behalf of the main chipset. The upgrade to a 28nm process should further reduce power consumption for the chip, and make your phone last longer.

The new chip won’t be the only upgrade for battery efficiency on the iPhone 15. The report from Ming-Chi Kuo suggests that Apple will also upgrade its Ultra Wideband chip in the iPhone 15 series, which will improve nearby communication between phones and other devices like your smartwatch. Kuo predicts the upgrade to 7nm will provide “improved performance or reduced power consumption for nearby interactions.”

In addition, iMore’s own Stephen Warwick has been reporting that the iPhone 15 series will be ip 15 more power efficient this year as well, thanks to a shift in focus on iOS 17. This new version of the operating system will put a greater emphasis on efficiency and speed, which should also lead to a longer-lasting phone.