Customs Service, an antique is an item with at least 100 years of age under its belt. Vintage Navajo Jewelry – We consider Vintage Navajo Jewelry to be fifty years old or older and Antique Navajo Jewelry to be eighty years old or older. By the 1920s, Navajo Jewelry was for sale in Indian Trading Posts, at the Grand Canyon, and in Dry Good Stores from Arizona, New Mexico, and beyond. Trading Posts had sprung up in the Southwest, and Navajo Jewelry was big trade for the Indian Traders. People worldwide appreciate Navajo Jewelry and come to the Southwest to buy Silver and Turquoise Jewelry to tour the great Southwest. Several Turquoise Jewelry booms came and went as time passed, and all told, Navajo Jewelry had become a major industry throughout the Southwest.

Navajo Jewelry took a major turning point about 1930, and most seasoned Indian Traders considered Antique Navajo Jewelry as Indian Jewelry made before1930. Navajo Jewelry took another major turning point around 1955-60; the movie and media industries created a major fad demand for Turquoise Jewelry which changed the way Navajo Jewelry would be made from that point on. A great increase for Navajo Jewelry began at that time, and the industry responded by building up the Jewelry production manufacturing industry, putting on a push campaign to the Navajo to produce more Navajo Jewelry at a faster pace to meet the market demand. Today, Navajo Jewelry is still in vogue and high demand as well. There is a big difference between Navajo Jewelry made before 1960 and this period that we consider Vintage Navajo Jewelry.

The Navajo Bracelet to the left was made around 1920. Although the product description in the Durango Silver Co online store says Antique Navajo Jewelry, we consider this Vintage Navajo Jewelry, but possibly Antique as it may have been made before 1911. This piece of Navajo Vintage Jewelry is called a Navajo Turquoise Cluster Bracelet and was a popular style of Navajo Jewelry from 1900 on. Navajo Jewelry has an important role in the history of the American Western Frontier and is very much a part of the American Heritage forever more. Tourists’ favorite thing to buy was Navajo antique bracelet Jewelry such as Turquoise Rings, Squash Blossom Necklaces, and Navajo Bracelets. The Indian Traders took Navajo Jewelry out to Southern California, which was in a boom, and their Silver Jewelry Silver and Turquoise Jewelry were excepted by the Californians.