Playing qq gambling on the PkvQQ site is highly recommended for you. Because now there are many Web sites available in Google, it will certainly be more difficult to find a trusted poker agent. We understand that you as a player want to play pkv gambling with an affordable minimum deposit, fast processing, easy game access, high winrate, and 24-hour non-stop online service. Therefore, PkvQQ is here to offer you a trusted PKV list in 2020.

The following are the types of games available in the best poker agents offered by pkvqq:


Poker is a gambling game using 1 set of playing cards totaling 52 pieces. Rummy itself consists of 4 types, namely shovels, hearts, curls, and diamonds. Each player will pit the highest combination against each other to determine the winner.


Dominoqq pkv games use domino cards as a game tool. Each player will be given 4 sheets, which will later be pitted against the opponent’s. The highest value is 9 or it is called KIU.


Bandarq is commonly referred to as the Mobile Bandar game because in the game system there will be one player to become a dealer. The game uses domino cards and each player will receive 2 cards then pitted against the dealer value. In this game, players only compete with the dealer, not other players.

Bandar sakong

In the Sakong game each player will receive 3 pieces of playing, then the value will be calculated. The highest scores in this game are 10, 20 and 30. While the biggest score is a combination of AAA. Bandar Sakong is played by 8 players including the dealer.


CapsaSusun can only be played by 4 players. Because in the capsa game each gambler will get 13 playing cards which are then arranged based on the combination and then pitted against the opponent’s to determine the winner.

Bandar poker

Still the same as the game of Poker. The difference is that in a poker room there will be a player to become a dealer. Each bettor will compete with the dealer value.

Aduq online

Is one of the simplest and easiest Dominoqqgames. In the Aduq game each bettor will receive 1 Domino card, after a few seconds all players must show their value. The biggest score in aduq games is 9 (KIU).


Bandar66 is a domino game that uses 2 sets of dominoes, but each player is only given one card. The highest score in the bandar66 game is a log card. Sidebet is available in this game, that is, apart from betting with the dealer, players can also make personal bets with other players.

Baccarat war

Baccarat War is the latest playing game from the pkv games site. The game is no less exciting than other games, therefore until now there have been a lot of bettors playing it.