After the group’s performance proves successful enough to warrant an encore, Akane turns so moved that the emotions she held again for years as soon as again emerge. She recalls five years ago when she was in the hospital, resulting from her weak respiratory tract. There, she was befriended by another affected person named Yuu, who confirmed how she could have fun with life even in the hospital. After the girls are forced to leave their dorm and return to their houses, Nicole, who saves Miu from some hounding reporters, asks her to think about what is probably her most treasured factor of her. Despite being shy and silent, Miu used her piano-playing expertise to present Nicole with the confidence to carry out. As a month passes without additional orders from the Wall, Nicole thinks back to her elementary faculty days, during which Miu transferred into her class.

The ladies are left dismayed because the Wall continues to subject orders to disband the group and shut down all places of work, culminating in a pressured convention saying their disbanding, resulting in fan backlash. Following the journey, nonetheless, the ladies are shocked when the Wall instantly issues an order calling for the group to disband. After the tip of a hectic work day, Jun is relieved to see the others again to normal, while the Wall prints an order about a solo live performance for 3000 people. As 22/7 put together for his or her solo concert, Akane recalls when she was a free-spirited youngster who didn’t like Anime Poster how strict her mom was. The fallout of the incident and the strain of the media put stress on her dad and mom and led to their divorce, leading Akane to shut off her feelings to avoid hurting anybody else.

The twenty-eight Lustrous are led by their instructor, Kongo, and battle to defend themselves against the Lunarians, who seem every few days, in search of to harvest the Lustrous bodies for decorations. During elementary faculty, Nicole, who was shy and had trouble speaking, was coerced by school bullies into enjoying the witch for a school play of Snow White. That was until one day when she discovers Ayane being picked on by bullies for protecting her and stepping in to guard her, after which they are both rescued by Ayana. Ayaka Tachibana recalls her childhood, where she usually clashes with her older sisters, Ayane and Ayana. Starting from middle college, Ayaka grew to become a manga artist, initially becoming a member of 22/7 to assist her in that aim.