The Bitlink Advantage: A Comprehensive Overview of Features, Licenses, and Global Expansion

Bitlink is a Bitlink currency exchange one of the most popular platforms in the world founded in Singapore in the month of April 2023. Bitlink is the leader with its innovative technology in a market which has witnessed the greatest innovation. It functions as a platform for community and trading in the Web3 eco-system.

Bitlink has been innovative with its BTK Token, which was sold for more than 50% in just a few days, showing the Bitlink Exchange latest developments as well as community support. Jearon Wong is a cryptocurrency enthusiast, who has presented his idea of the Web3 and promised significant rewards to its community.

Bitlink Exchange (or Bitlink) was officially launched in Singapore in April 2023. Bitlink has demonstrated its reliability through securing licenses from the Monetary Authority of Singapore and U.S. Money Services Business. Bitlink is growing internationally by establishing subsidiaries worldwide in order to establish a broad and robust user community.

Bitlink permits trading on more than 120 cryptocurrency pairs including Spot, Futures and Futures. Its mobile app is accessible on both iOS as well as Android operating systems, ensuring ease of use for customers. Bitlink offers a variety of options, such as absolute security, fast trading instruments, licensing with a solid foundation and secure, privacy protection through KYC, robust trading systems as well as diverse trading options. Bitlink is currently building a vast ecosystem of services, ranging from NFT trading and lending and offering new possibilities for Bitlink’s user community.

How to register an account with Bitlink Exchange? Bitlink Exchange account:

Register your account

  • Visit the website: and select “Register an Account.”
  • Register with Email, or Mobile Phone.
  • Change the phone number to (+84) for Vietnam, then enter the phone number and choose a secure password (including the uppercase letters numbers, special characters, as well as numbers).
  • Click “Create account” after you’ve signed the Terms and Services.
  • The verification code will be provided to the number.

KYC Step 2: Check your identity

  • Select”Identity Verification” or “Identity Verification” option after logging in.
  • Choose “Verify Now”, and decide if you would like to prove your identity with an ID card, passport or a driver’s licence.
  • Photograph the back and front of your citizen ID or ID card as well for a portrait. Hit “Submit.”
  • It is necessary to patiently wait for the system to confirm.

Step 3: Security of your account

  • Select the portrait and click “Security System Settings.”
  • Verify the number using choosing the country code, then entering the phone number, then confirm the number by using the code that was sent.
  • Get this Google Authenticator app and connect it to the exchange using the QR Code, or entering the KEY-backup.
  • Verify your account using Google Authenticator and email.

Note: For the best security, make backups of both the QR Code and KEY-backup to restore the account when required. To protect your Bitlink account’s safety, follow the instructions carefully.