Gifting is a biggest dilemma! Gifting always seems to be the toughest task and the gifting dilemma can be made easy with the help of the vanilla gift card. Are you confused about what gifts to buy or what colour / size to buy, don’t worry from now because you can gift them with the new vanilla gift cards whose size fits everyone. You can gift this card to anyone on your gift list and let them decide when or what to buy according to their choice with the vanilla visa gift card. This card is a prepaid gift card that can be used internationally at all the locations where the Master Cards or the Visa cards are accepted. 

How to make a purchase with the vanilla gift card?

  • Present the card and sign the receipt: The purchasing processing is easy with the vanilla card; you can give your vanilla card to the cashier at the time of purchase and then sign the receipt. And yes, the purchasing with this prepaid vanilla gift card requires no PIN to be remembered. 
  • Know your gift card balance: The merchants cannot figure out the balance of your vanilla card, so it is always good to check the card balance before you shop. You can always check the balance of your card for free by calling the customer care service or from the provided website. If you ever try to purchase an item that has a greater value than your vanilla visa gift cardthen the card will be declined automatically. 
  • You can use the two forms of payments: In order to purchase an item that costs more than your vanilla gift card balance, you can definitely use the second payment options like cash, credit/debit cards, or even cheque for the difference. In this case, you must let the cashier know how much you are paying with each payment method while you are making a purchase.

Where can the vanilla gift cards be used?

The prepaid vanilla gift card can be internationally used everywhere the Master Cards, and the Visa cards are accepted, including all the online stores, mail orders, and the point of sale at the retail stores. Since the prepaid vanilla gift card can be widely used everywhere, this could be a better choice of gifting options that you can always go for.