The weight increase of the human body is a menace for the people as it leads to many serious complications. Simple procedures like exercise, diet are suggested for the people. Dietary methods and others do not work for people who go for the surgery procedure. The surgery for weight loss technique list given like gastric bypass, Sleeve gastrectomy, Laparoscopic surgery. A stomach bag is developed in the stomach, and the residual part is stapled. It will reduce the food content coming inside the stomach. Less quantity of food is allowed in the stomach, and it improves the metabolism of the stomach. The obesity-related disease must reduce to improve the health of the people.

Steps to prevent obesity and other related issues

Weight loss after surgery reduces complications such as reflux due to acid, increased cholesterol, hypertension. It is done to reduce the weight along with medicines like Cetilistat and others. The medicine needs to be carefully taken by adults with approved doses. Other steps for weight reduction are fasting, Eating less, eating high protein, reduce intake of sugar and carbohydrates, take more fiber-rich foods, sleep well, don’t stress much, be fit. The food items needed for the reduction of body weight given to the students.

Type of foods need to taken to reduce the bodyweight of people

Avacado fruits will decrease the blood sugar level, and Banana reduces the belly weight, yogurt stabilizes the insulin, berry improves the blood flow, green tea improves the metabolism by reducing the calories, citrus fruits reduce the fat other healthy food can reduce the fat and another bodyweight. Drink enough water at regular intervals to increase digestion. The motion must be regular to ensure good health. The proper workout will improve the human body health and body weight maintained.

Supplements available in the market for overweight patients

Weight increases will lead to many complications in the human body. Many programs are conducted for the patients to reduce the weight. Counseling, yoga sessions, dance classes, gyms available for the people to reduce and keep the body in shape. Counseling is provided to overweight patients to control their minds to eat less. A dietician recommends a balanced diet and menu for the betterment of the patient. Physical activity is a must to reduce belly fat, lifestyle change needed for weight reduction. Many supplements like Orlistat powder and others are taken along with the regular diet.